For the smooth work of each company timely and quality supply of spare parts and accessories for equipment is necessary. It's no secret that the need for replacement of a failed unexpectedly part or piece of equipment appears usually only after actual production stop. The solution to this difficult problem is the program for the supply of spare parts and hardware.

An important element of the program is the ability to supply in a very short period of time parts or assemblies of equipment. For this purpose, on the Company "Alter" established storage of spare parts and components. You can buy in stock necessary accessories for the equipment for one day due to the wide range of available spare parts on stock.

Ltd. "Alter" offers the following accessories and consumables
  • Pneumatic equipment made by «PNEUMAX»:
    • pneumatic cylinders, drives, valves, valve terminals;
    • devices for air, chokes, silencers, fittings;
    • tubes made of polyurethane, polyethylene and polyamide;
    • worm, helical-worm, cylindrical, planetary, speed variators;
  • Hydraulic equipment, made by «DUPLOMATIC»:
    • pumps, valves, regulators, valves, cylinders, etc.
  • Vacuum equipment made by «SCHMALZ»
  • Electric equipment «OMRON», «LG», «AUTONICS», «FINDER», «LEGRAND», «Telemecanique»
    • controllers;
    • frequency converters;
    • power supplies;
    • sensors;
    • relays;
  • Gearmotors
  • The components for conveyor systems:
    • conveyor belts;
    • chain plate;
    • lubricant for conveyor belts;
    Wear parts:
    • Cartridges for the device labeling;
    • Paint for marking;
    • paint thinner;
    • sets of figures for the device labeling;
    • oil for pneumatic systems.
We are pleased to offer a new service for the overall servicing and supplying spare parts and accessories for all types of equipment.

Our experts are ready to give consultation over the telephone +7 (87932) 3-20-51.

Welcome to our spare parts storage at the territory of Ltd. "Alter."
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