Ltd. "Alter" pays close attention to the organization of service. Operational and quality service - is the key to success and the guarantee of long-term relationships with clients.

The company service department is:
  • Rapid response to emerging technology in service problems
  • Delivery of spare parts by express mail,
  • Prompt repair work,
  • Warranty service,
  • After-warranty service,
  • Modernization and repair of packing equipment from other manufacturers with further-warranty.
  • The start of the runnuning of the equipment with the training staff of the customer,
  • Training of customer personnel at the factory,
  • Providing information about new products dispensing techniques to enhance the technical capabilities of the equipment,
  • Provision of additional technical documentation,
  • Free information support throughout the lifetime of the equipment,
  • Additional services
The basis of the quality of service - understanding the client's problems. Not only characteristics of the device are important for us, but also the quality of service.

We provide the highest quality service. Quality of service is guaranteed by high personal and professional qualifications of every engineer's company, which not only has a mandatory course, but also confirms their skills on a regular basis.

The database service department is constantly introduced and systematized by information of the equipment and any customer's wishes. There is no a little thing without attantion, all calls are recorded and the client's comments on the work of machines, the replacement of parts is ticked, data on the maintenance of each piece of equipment is systematized and analyzed in different locations.
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